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Alliance Restoration and Preservation Services partners with a wide range of clients from homeowners to building managers. 

We help reverse the effects of time, nature, chemical damage, and design flaws through knowledgeable and appropriate techniques. 

Masonry Restoration High Rise Condo Kans
Alliance Restoration Brick Mason Chimney

Working closely with our clients not only provides a good working relationship, but also helps us to accomplish your goals effectively and efficiently.


We always work to exceed our customers expectations. Our consulting services provide cost effective maintenance and inspection plans that will maintain your building and it’s value into the future.

We are an established Kansas City based company that values true craftsmanship. We know that successful restoration and repair require attention to material identification and details. We also know there is no replacement for knowledgeable and skilled craftspeople. 


We repair, restore and help our clients maintain masonry and concrete structures as well as historic structures to the high standards set by the Department of the Interior and State Historic Preservation Offices.

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