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Historic Lime Mortar Alliance Restoratio

Masonry Building & Restoration 


Knowledgeable Commercial and Residential Cleaning and Stain Removal

Professional cleaning can dramatically enhance the appearance of your building. Even newer properties can be easily stained and marred if the masonry or concrete finish is porous, shaded, or has excessive water exposure.  Cleaning should be carefully executed to prevent permanent damage to the surfaces.

This is accomplished by carefully selecting cleaners and using methods that will specifically break down the type of staining or dirt/grime on the material rather than just attempting to blast it with harsh chemicals and sheer force. At times, it can require the use of specialized equipment to clean the surface without causing abrasive damage. 

We can provide water repellent recommendations and a property maintenance schedule if you would are interested in a comprehensive plan for maintenance and keeping your property exterior in great condition.

Cleaning your property finishes can also help show early signs of maintenance concerns which can facilitate early intervention, preventing costly future repairs. 

Factors that are considered when cleaning your property exterior facades and surfaces include:

  • Material types and appropriate cleaners and methods

  • Historic applications when applicable

  • Type(s) of staining or soiling

  • If a previous sealer was applied

  • If a sealer or water repellent should be applied to maintain the masonry

Kansas City Brick Restoration Parapet 1.
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