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Understanding the Difference Between Restoration and Preservation

Masonry structures, whether historic or modern, are known for their durability and aesthetic appeal. However, over time, they may require certain interventions to maintain their structural integrity and visual charm. These interventions can take the form of restoration or preservation efforts, each with its distinct goal and methodology. This article delves into the differences between masonry restoration and preservation, and how understanding these differences can help achieve the unique goals of each project.


Masonry Restoration: Breathing New Life Into Old Structures

Masonry restoration is a comprehensive process aimed at bringing a deteriorated or damaged structure back to its original or good condition12. This process often involves complex tasks such as repointing mortar joints, replacing damaged bricks or stones, and even reconstructing entire sections of a structure3.


The primary goal of masonry restoration is to repair the physical damage while maintaining the original aesthetic of the structure1. This requires a deep understanding of the original construction methods and materials used in the structure4.


Masonry Preservation: Safeguarding History

On the other hand, masonry preservation focuses on preventing future deterioration and preserving the existing condition of the structure5. Preservation efforts aim to safeguard the historical, architectural, and cultural significance of masonry structures6.


Preservation may involve cleaning the masonry, applying protective coatings or water repellents, and performing minor repairs57. The primary goal here is to prevent further decay and prolong the life of the structure without altering its original state6.


Alliance Restoration: Your Partner in Masonry Care

Alliance Restoration, a contractor based in Kansas City, understands the nuances of masonry restoration and preservation. They recognize that each project and owner requires a unique approach, and they have the expertise to provide both restoration and preservation services.


Their team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge and skills to carry out complex restoration projects while respecting the original aesthetic of the structure. They also offer preservation services to help property owners maintain their masonry structures and protect them from future damage.


In Conclusion

Understanding the difference between masonry restoration and preservation is crucial in determining the right approach for your masonry care needs. Whether you're looking to breathe new life into an old structure or preserve its existing charm, a professional contractor like Alliance Restoration can provide the necessary expertise and services to meet your unique goals.



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