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Historic Monument and Gravestone Preservation: Methods and Services

Historic monuments and gravestones are more than just markers of the past. They are tangible pieces of history, a legacy of the lives lived, and the events that shaped our world. However, preserving these relics presents unique challenges, requiring specialized skills and knowledge. This article will discuss the various preservation methods and cleaning services employed to maintain these historic structures.

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Preservation Methods

One of the essential principles in historic monument and gravestone preservation is 'Do No Harm'1. Any preservation efforts should not exacerbate the monument's deterioration. Some of the common preservation methods include:



Tuckpointing is a technique used to repair the mortar joints between stones or bricks2. It involves removing the deteriorated mortar and replacing it with new, matching mortar. This method not only improves the structure’s stability but also enhances its visual appeal.


Lime Plastering

Lime plastering creates a breathable layer that allows moisture to evaporate, thus keeping the monument dry3. This process can significantly reduce the risk of dampness and associated problems like mold growth and structural damage.



Cleaning is an integral part of monument preservation. However, it should be done carefully and not more frequently than once a year, to avoid causing damage4. The cleaning process often involves the use of gentle, non-ionic detergents and soft brushes5.


Services Provided by Alliance Restoration

Alliance Restoration is a trusted contractor in Kansas City that offers comprehensive monument and gravestone preservation services. Their team of professionals is skilled in tuckpointing, lime plastering, and cleaning, ensuring your historic monument or gravestone remains in optimal condition.


They adhere strictly to the 'Do No Harm' principle, employing methods that preserve the integrity of the monument while preventing further deterioration1. Their services also include regular maintenance and conservation, keeping a record of the cleaning dates, materials used, and any changes in the monument's condition6.


In conclusion, historic monument and gravestone preservation is a delicate process that requires expertise and care. By entrusting your preservation needs to experienced contractors like Alliance Restoration, you can ensure that these pieces of history continue to stand as testaments to the past.



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