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Brick & Stone Chimney Repair

We can help preserve and maintain your masonry chimney

Brick chimneys are a classic feature that is found on many of our Kansas City homes and properties. While very durable, these masonry structures require some maintenance and repairs to prevent early failure. Exposed areas of the chimney above the roof often show deterioration if the chimney crown is not maintained or if there were issues with the construction methods used.

Having a depth of expertise in both historic and modern masonry construction design allows us to accurately and quickly diagnose possible problems. If your chimney has simply aged and needs a masonry inspection, cleaning and water repellent application, we provide best-practice services for maintenance as well.

Being a restoration-oriented contractor, our goal is to make any required repairs appear as original to the chimney as is possible.

​We offer a suite of tools and practices to provide the most seamless repairs possible to help you maintain and increase your property's value.

Brick Chimney Repair Kansas City Allianc
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