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Bricklayer, Stone Mason, and Masonry Laborer Job Opportunities in Kansas City

Alliance Restoration is a great place to work and build your career! If you have experience as a bricklayer or masonry laborer, please feel free to apply. If we are not hiring at the time of application, we'll still keep your information on file for six months.

We offer:

* Competitive wages
* Healthcare package with vision & dental
* Paid time off after 1 year
* Steady work

Requirements for Consideration:

1. Valid driver's license and reliable transportation for regular commute throughout Kansas City metro area.
2. Must be comfortable working at heights and have an understanding of safety requirements while doing so.
3. Must be willing to work on small repair projects without a laborer, if required.
4. Must be drug-free and willing to participate in a random-testing policy.
5. Three years bricklaying experience. (bricklayers only, 1 year experience required for laborers)

Limestone Masonry Installation Alliance
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Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon if we are hiring. If we are not hiring, we'll keep your application on file for a call-back for up to 6 months.

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