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Retaining Wall Repairs and Replacement

Retaining walls provide essential support to landscapes by holding back soil, preventing erosion, and creating usable outdoor space. They can be made from various materials, including brick, stone, and concrete blocks. However, over time, these walls may require repair or replacement due to weathering, ground movement, or poor construction.

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Understanding Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are robust structures designed to withstand significant pressure from the soil they retain. The most common types of retaining walls are:


  • Brick Retaining Walls: Brick walls are aesthetically pleasing and durable. However, they can be prone to damage from moisture and ground movement1.

  • Stone Retaining Walls: Stone walls offer a natural look and are incredibly strong. They can, however, be susceptible to mortar deterioration2.

  • Concrete Block Retaining Walls: Concrete block walls are cost-effective and versatile. Despite their strength, they can crack or shift if not properly installed3.


Retaining Wall Repairs

Retaining wall repairs can range from simple patching to more complex procedures like mortar and unit rebuilding. The type of repair needed depends on the extent of the damage and the wall's material.


Mortar Replacement: This process involves removing deteriorated mortar from the joints between the bricks, stones, or blocks and replacing it with new, matching mortar4. This not only helps restore the wall's structural integrity but also enhances its appearance.


Unit Rebuilding: In unit rebuilding, damaged bricks, stones, or blocks are removed and replaced with new ones that closely match the original units5.


Retaining Wall Replacement

In some cases, the damage to a retaining wall may be so extensive that repair is not feasible. In such instances, full retaining wall rebuilding becomes necessary. This involves dismantling the existing wall and constructing a new one.

Alliance Restoration: Your Partner in Retaining Wall Services

Alliance Restoration is a trusted contractor in Kansas City, specializing in retaining wall repairs and replacement. Their team of professionals has extensive experience in working with brick, stone, and concrete block retaining walls, ensuring each project is completed to the highest standards.



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