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Our approach

While Brick and stone masonry are some of the most enduring building materials available, it is still necessary to maintain and repair periodically.

​Over time, elements of nature such as biological and chemical weathering, cause slow deterioration to all masonry buildings. Sometimes design flaws hasten repair needs. Deferred repairs often cause these issues to worsen exponentially. We help reverse the damaging effects of time and nature through knowledgeable, innovative, and appropriate techniques.

Alliance Restoration and Preservation Services works with a wide range of clients in the Kansas City area including building owners, homeowners, building management firms, and contractors. Along with providing stabilization and preservation services, we can help bring your masonry back to it's intended beauty and value. 

Every building and client’s needs are unique; we tailor each project to fit those requirements.

Brick Wall

We'd be happy to review your project!

We take a great deal of pride in our quality workmanship and attention to detail, in fact the majority of our projects result from direct inquiries from building owners, homeowners, and property managers rather than public bids. We provide a wide range of brick and stone masonry solutions as well as providing stucco and concrete repair services.

​How can we help meet your goals?

Old Kansas City Commercial Building Bric
Commercial Brick Restoration Kansas City

Services we provide include:

  • Mortar Replacement (Repointing/Tuckpointing)

  • Masonry Caulking Sealant, Water Repellent, and Waterproofing Installation 

  • Brick and Stone Repair, Replacement and Rebuilding

  • Masonry Cleaning

  • Historic Restoration and Preservation​

  • Decorative and waterproofing specialty coatings

  • Lintel Repairs

  • Lime Plastering and Rendering

  • Wall Coatings and Architectural Waterproofing Coatings

  • Epoxy and Specialty Stabilization Repairs

  • Brick and Stone Chimney Repairs

  • Patio and Outdoor Masonry Feature Restoration

  • Stone Foundation Repairs

  • Monument Restoration

  • Terracotta and Carved Stone Repair and Replication

  • Retaining Wall Repairs and Rebuilds

  • Fireplaces, Remodeling and Repairs

  • Stucco repairs

  • Concrete repairs